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Artisanal anthropology.

Future Vintage.

Informed by ancestral knowledge of craft, supernaturae is based around slow fashion, natural textile methods and research. It culminates in a limited edition line of timeless, luxury resortwear clothing, experiences and workshops.

Our pieces are natural dyed and hand embroidered, produced in an array of colours, always unique and small editions. We pride ourselves on traditional craftsmanship, collaborating directly with artisans who are continuing inherited forms of knowledge within textiles and respect for natural cycles. Our production process primarily takes place in Gujarat, India, and Oaxaca, Mexico.


Murshibad Silk and Natural Dyes

We work with handwoven silk from Murshidabad, India. Handwoven silk is an ancient technique, woven using mulberry silk, which is a form of ahimsa (non-violent) silk. The fabric is very fine and lightweight, creating a beautiful fall.

We also create natural dyes at scale through a partnership with Wen do Sed, a family in Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte. They are artists and masters of their craft. Together, we have created a library of 24 colors from 4 local plants – Grana Cochinilla, Añil, Brasilwood, and Pericon. We work alongside their natural cycles, being able to dye up to four times a year.

Made by hand

In Oaxaca, Mexico and Gujarat, India. With natural fibers.

Ancestral techniques

Heirloom, master artisans. Unique pieces.

Worldwide shipping

And personalized service. Reach out to us with any questions.

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