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Our Story


is the culmination of years of research into alternative methods of production. Initially established as a clothing line, the brand has evolved into a multifaceted venture that combines a rural supply chain, immersive experiences, and textile workshops with a focus on natural textiles and local natural dyes. 

The origins of supernaturae trace back to its founder’s, Benedicte Lux, research into artisanal processes and her background in Communication, Curation, and Criticism of Arts and Design. After studying at Central St Martins, Beni embarked on a journey of exploration and collaboration with artisans. The desire was to create timeless pieces, collectibles, of living history, highlighting incredible workmanship that is closely tied to nature. The result is a unique project that is of a quality seldom seen. 

Today, the brand's unwavering dedication to empowering artisans, preserving traditional craftsmanship, and creating positive social impact has positioned it as a revered presence within the conscious fashion community.

supernaturae is also friendship and love

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