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Delfina Dress & Mila top:

Dry clean only.


Serafina Dress & natural dyed garments:

Overall, we recommend to hand wash Serafina and natural dyed garments in cold water, with eco friendly and pH neutral detergent. Hang to dry out of sunlight. 

How to wash your natural dyed garment:

When it comes to washing your natural dyed goods, it is recommended to find a fabric detergent that is eco-friendly and natural, free from chemicals and as pH neutral as possible. Avoid using soaps that are perfumed or contain lemon scents or oils, as these may change the colour of the dyes in the wash. In addition, when washing your silk goods, only use a silk soap, which again is free of chemicals and pH neutral.

Spot cleaning:

If you do get a splash of food on your naturally dyed garment, we recommend running it under cold water and gently using your finger to try to encourage the stain to leave.

About pH and natural dyes:

Natural dyes are different to synthetic dyes in many ways. They can only ever be produced in smaller quantities, they don’t pollute or create toxic waste in the same way, they are beautiful to see and have a brilliance and shine that cannot compare to chemical dyes. Like most beautiful things, there are a few elements of maintenance that are required in order to maintain their beauty and increase their longevity. 

Many dyes are pH sensitive, meaning they will respond to changes in pH, which can result in the colour of the dye changing. Some dyes are more sensitive than others. This is part of the magic that is harnessed when working with natural dyes, to alter their feel and colour. It can be their disadvantage if it happens accidentally. Therefore, take extra care when handing acidic liquids; wine, citrus, vinegar or alkaline liquids; alka seltzer, hydrogen peroxide, calcium and baking soda along your natural dyed goods. For this reason, we never recommend working in your kitchen with your natural dyed dresses.

Drying your goods:

When drying your goods, avoid laying flat or placing on radiators to dry, as they may develop marks where they are in contact with radiators. The silk is extremely light, and the best way to dry is to squeeze water out gently and hang to dry.



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