We’ve built our business according to the UN Social Development goals. These are our main values, although we support many more through our business. Benedicte, our founder, has also worked as an advisor with the UN to encourage safe female hygiene practices in Africa & India.

At Supernaturae we believe that slow and thoughtful design and collaboration is essential for the future of the fashion industry. Working carefully to help develop marginalised communities through ecologically friendly solutions is our main goal, with producing beautiful artisanal garments as our outcome. Supernaturae uses only the finest hand-made quality artisanal materials in all of its products, tracing all of its processes throughout the supply chain. Sourcing beautiful and natural materials that don't deplete the world of its natural resources requires a lot of love, time, and knowledge.

The natural world is the basis of our work. At Supernaturae we respect our natural and working environment and we hope that our customers respect and cherish every garment they buy too. We strive to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible by using natural and non-toxic dyes and dyeing techniques.

By supporting community-led groups and initiatives we give training to those communities to encourage and create an open-source model for knowledge for not only creating a beautiful and sustainable garment, but to also for women to become self sustaining and independent. We believe that transparency and honesty is key, and so we hold natural dye workshops to the public to open conversations about how we work to create environmentally safe and non-toxic garments.