Maia Long Beaded Necklace

Maia Long Beaded Necklace


Long, sinuous and elegant, the Maia Long beaded necklace is based on colours from underwater creatures. To be exact, the sea snake! The black and white beads form an effortless accessory for any outfit you choose to throw together. Our favorite stylist in London pairs hers with a classic white shirt, letting the beads drape out of the collar. Words can’t describe how fun this is to dance with. 


These are made on the border of Gujarat and Madya Pradesh by a women-run collective. They are made by tribal women in an unstable area. 


It’s also a revival craft, in that it’s a craft that has been taught to women in these areas but does not form a part of their craft history. However their employment has a huge impact on the migration in this area; through being able to support their families, it mitigates causes of abandoning families or temporary city migration, meaning they can stay with their children and support their families. The women enjoy the work so much that the leader told me the second generation of craftspeople are now being taught, and they are comprised of the daughters of the first generation!

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