dreamwear that harnesses the mystical qualities of nature using the finest artisanal materials to produce playful, sensual loungewear

an ongoing research project by artist Benedicte Lux. combining sustainability, ancient craft and textiles, the designs are sensual, playful and sophisticated. rare textiles focused on the sensuality of fabric, design inspiration comes from a deep reverence for the natural and an appreciation of femininity. every fabric is hand-sourced; silks and linens are hand loomed by artisans in India, and hand-dyed in Lower East Side. working with local seamstresses, her entire process is meticulous with an extreme attention to detail. The result is highly elevated, one-of-a-kind loungewear that can transition into evening.

for her shoots she works closely with friends; artists, journalists, entrepreneurs and photographers to art direct and create immersive, visual environments that tie into her vision of life as art.