travelwear for pilgrims of heart body mind and soul

SUPERNATURAE is a love story of travel, artisanal textiles and craft production, founded by Benedicte Lux. It began as a research project in Morocco and has travelled through London and New York before taking its current incarnation, a project centered around artisanal anthropology and rural supply chains.

Supernaturae works with old textile methods and produces entirely in small villages where craft work is often the only local source of income. Everything is developed using locally available materials and traditional craft techniques with our artisans. 

Each season we design loungewear for a traveling muse. We use the softest (and best!) quality materials to design with a global wanderer in mind. We use handwoven organic cotton, handwoven silks, and kantha stitch as embroidery. Recently we have started revival projects in beading, for both jewelry and clothing.

We are proud to say we have fair trade certification through our producers, who are founding members of the World Fair Trade Organization.