MUSES: Francesca Bristol in Sevilla

Francesa is a jeweler and aesthete who was raised between the UK and Spain. She loves animals, and spends her life surrounded by various creatures- birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, cats and dogs. She is lovingly restoring her family home in the mountains of Sevilla, where she lives in a beautiful Moorish style house.

She took us grape-picking, wild river-swimming, fig foraging, bird gazing and wonder-walking. All the whilst discussing philosophy, life, nature, and beauty. We left feeling refreshed and nourished by the senses, and with a whole bunch of foraged peacock feathers from her roost.

On our website we now have a Serpentine Ring and a Toe Ring by Francesca. As a lover of snakes, she has 3 in her home in the UK. The serpent ring is available with both ruby and emerald eyes, made to order to your size.

She writes of the serpent -

Nature connects us to the earth and feeds our soul . The serpent is my protector . Our fear of snakes runs deep, it’s healing qualities long forgotten in ancient scriptures. My creations of golden snakes with healing gemstones for eyes have freed many of their anxiety towards theses sensitive creatures symbolising ancient rituals performed by snake worshippers . I aim to create an energy to inspire and revere these extraordinary reptilian species . With this I hope to give back creations aesthetically pleasing ,a piece to nourish the senses .

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